Score Card.

Daniel Sigrist

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The Score Card offer an overview about the project reception by the client. The final score is calculated based on the answers of the surveys you sent.

Here you have:

          1) The Name and a brief description of the project.

          2) The date when the project was finished and the name of the client.

          3) The total score for the project and the performance on each dimension.

          4) How was the performance on the items the client considered a priority.

          5) The Questions in the surveys with the best scores (Top) and the ones with the worse scores (Bottom).

          6) Your company's strengths, related to this project.

          7) Your company's areas of improvement, related to this project.

          8) Your company's NPS score.

If you want to see the surveys, you need to click the "View Surveys" button:

You will be redirect to the list of surveys for that project:

Here you can see the status of each survey sent. You can also click on the "View Answers" button to have access to the individual answers of the survey.

You can find an description of the survey here.

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