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Performance Management for Consulting Services


Last Update il y a 3 ans

Listen, Analyze and Improve with the leading Performance Management System for Consulting Services

- Kick-Start your Management of the Consulting Category

     - Gather seamlessly meaningful data in the collaborative process and spend more quality time building creative strategies.

- Analyze where and how you spend your Consulting Budget

     - Make sure you optimize your spending to accelerate your strategy, identify synergies and avoid redundancies.

- Identify Strengths and Weaknesses of your Consultants

    - Define improvement plans, use your Consulting Providers on the right projects and identify the need to re-source.

- Get Actionable Insights to reduce Costs and increase ROI

    - Benchmark Costs and Performance and check competitiveness against the market to derive impactful actions.

Get the most of the leading Performance Management System for Consulting Services

- Balanced Scorecard By Consulting Firm

     - Providing visibility by Capability and Engagement Partner

- All information in one place

     - To go instantly from a helicopter view to the most granular one

- Customizable messages for your Internal Clients

     - To make sure they engage in this collaborative feedback process

- Real-Time Feedback All Year Long

    - To provide transparency on satisfaction and adjust as necessary

- Internal and External Benchmark

    - To drive improvements and provide insights for negotiations

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